About Us

Brun Arts is an ongoing project to establish dedicated artists’ studios in vacant spaces in Burnley, Lancashire. It is lead by established local visual artists and part of a registered CIC – Creative Spaces Burnley. We are working closely with Burnley Borough Council, Burnley Creative Alliance and local landlords to carry out art projects in temporary locations and in partnership with local retailers and supporting organisations. Our goal is to establish a permanent affordable studio hub, run not-for-profit by artists.

Every child should have access to arts and culture, and to the benefits that access brings. The arts are a positive force in society: children feel more confident in their ability to create, challenge and explore, to be part of society, and to make change happen.

Art for Every Child – Cultural Learning Alliance Briefing Paper No. 5. Paul Hamlyn Foundation

We believe that access to art is a social justice issue and we work to advocate for a creative education and fair opportunities to experience the benefits of a creative life at all levels and for all ages.

Let’s not forget two things:
1) it’s artists that make art
2) communities make culture.

Dr Stephen Pritchard, artist.

Arts institutions and cultural centres are not the originators of art. Museums and galleries are great repositories for things that have already happened, somewhere else! Art comes from directly supporting artists and amplifying the existing culture of communities. Brun Arts exists to channel control of creativity to creative people, to create new shared visions and to break down the barrier of access to the arts.

Brun Arts is part of Creative Spaces Burnley – a not-for-profit company run by artists,
supporting contemporary arts practitioners in the Burnley area.
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Registered office 160 St James’s St. Burnley, Lancs. BB11 1NR