One Sixty

One Sixty is a vegan / vegetarian cafe situated on Lower St James’s Street, Burnley – at the heart of the town’s Heritage Action Zone and burgeoning new creative district. It was opened by Creative Spaces Burnley in 2017 on the premises of the former Red Triangle Cafe, which for 30 years provided a gathering place for artists, activists and the town’s alternative community.

It hosts bands, exhibitions, meetings and has offices above the restaurant – home to creative groups including Mr Wilson’s Second Liners.

One Sixty has played host to workshops, gatherings and meetings with Super Slow Way, Burnley Light Night, Mid Pennine Arts, Burnley Literature Festival and Burnley Creative Alliances’ Openings project.

Run as a not-for-profit community cafe on a voluntary basis, One Sixty partners with the local Green Party to provide a ‘pay-it-forward’ scheme and free Christmas dinners to customers in need.

The kitchen at the cafe and has grown to become it’s own independent project and although it is currently closed to customers during the Covid-19 pandemic, it will reopen in 2021, with a new team serving exceptional food to the community.